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About Ray

When I was first entering the workforce after college and looking for auto insurance most of my friends and neighbors suggested a local Nationwide agent who they felt treated them very well.  During the next several years I interacted with my Nationwide agent on many occasions and came to know him as a very caring and well-respected person.  He was not just an insurance agent but was also very engaged in community affairs, especially sports related.
Later in life when it was time for me to make a career change I felt that I too would like to be able to help people with their insurance and financial programs. Today in my agency we work very hard to keep our insurance programs affordable and appropriate for our clients.  As our clients’ needs and financial circumstances change we need to be able to adjust with them.
I am fortunate to work with the best trained and most fair team of insurance adjusters who regularly go beyond what is expected in order to keep our clients happy.  It is at these times of claims and catastrophe that we can truly serve our clients, this is when they need us the most.  I’m proud to say we work hard to continue to be our best when everything around us may be at its worst.
I reflect back often to my former agent and hope I am being as diligent, compassionate and sincere as he was.  I try to promote these same ideals to my staff and the feedback I get is a reflection of that.

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